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In memory of our lost sisters and brothers on September 11, 2001
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Brotherhood Railway Carmen Division 
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The Union Wall - This is where the yoU in Union Begins. . .
Michael Bleser, President
Shane Mills, Vice President
Christopher Pierce, Local Chairman/Delegate
Jameson McKnight, Recording Secretary
Kevin Hite, FST & Vice Local Chairman
Shawn Fensler, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Michael R. Fisher, Board of Trustees Member
Ben Melton, Vice President
Steve Wilhelm, Director of Constitution & Laws
Kevin Mitchell, Past Local Chairman, Vice Local Chairman
Carl Lakin, TCU National Representative
Dan Freds, Past Recording Secretary
Roger Cain, TCU Assistant National Representative
Ben Whitt, Past Local Chairman
Transportation Communications Union
Phil Amadon, Past President & AFL-CIO Delegate
Rob Reisinger, Past Vice President
Donnie Melton, Past Chairman Board of Trustees
William H. Ronemus, 1st Grand Chief Carman & founder of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen
Gary Gibler, Past Board of Trustees Member
Larry Atkins, Past Vice Local Chairman
Gene Carter, Past President & Past Vice Local Chairman
Lowell Wheeler, Past Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Lovell Cooper, Past Outer Guard
Steve Pequignot, Webmaster & Past Local Chairman
Robert Dillman, Past Local Chairman
Don Brennan, Past Financial Secretary
Phil Graham, Past  Assistant Local Chairman & Past Vice General Chairman
J. V. Waller, Past General Chairman
Marvin Napier, Past Assistant General President,
Jack Wright, Past International Representative
Past Grand Chief Carman, Frank L. Ronemus
The Honorable C. Marshall Friedman, TCU Member
Kym Seslar, Past Vice President
Richard Coffman, Past Treasurer
Rex White, Past Recording Secretary
Robert White, Past Recording Secretary
Donald Estep, Retired Member,  12-31-10
The Late Butch Lakin, BRC Member
Carl Goforth, FST, Birmingham, AL
Jim Corn, Retired Member 12-1-09
Scott Allen, Local Chairman, St. Louis, MO
Mike Kennedy, Local Chairman, Decatur, IL
Lewis Smith, Local Chairman, Atlanta, GA
Kenneth Ewton, Vice Local Chairman, Chattanooga, TN
Joseph B. Yeager, 5th Grand Chief Carmen, Brotherhood Railway Carmen
Jerry Kudlo, Ten-term  Local Chairman, Chicago
Jeff Masterson, Vice Local Chairman, Sheffield, AL
Jon Hoover, Vice Local Chairman, Knoxville, TN
Hector Albarabo, Vice Local Chairman, Chicago
Don Vorchester, Vice Local Chairman, Kansas City, MO
Casey Lee, Local Chairman, Bellevue, OH
Bud Sherwood, FST, Bellevue, OH
Dennis Wilson, Local Chairman, Linwood, NC
Martin F. Ryan, 7th General President, BRC, 1909 - 1935
The Late Gary Allen, BRC Member, is always smiling down on us
Chuck Voekel, Retired Member, Huntingburg, Indiana
John Schneiders, Retired Member, Huntingburg, Indiana
In memory of Student Carman Jacob Dillow, forever our friend & brother
The Late Ed Chapin, Carman Member, 40 years injury free
The Late David Fancher, Past General Chairman
The Late Phil Roe, Member
The Late Leo Browning, Past  Financial Secretary
John Eichman, Retired Past President
Rennald Worman, union father
Felix Knight, 8th General President, Brotherhood Railway Carmen
The Late Steve Brownfield, TCU Member
Paul Gunkel, Member Lodge 6760
Jeseph H. Tierney, Past Treasurer, 1946 - 1967, Lodge 574
Joey Thomas, Member Lodge 6760
Paul Jackson, Past Senior Assistant Local Chairman
The Late Brad Baker, Lodge 6760 Member
Marion Wilhelm, union wife and mother
BRC of U.S. & Canada, 1974
Help Us Build the Union Wall - Lodge members are encouraged to send their photos to the Webmaster for inclusion on the Union Wall
(l-r) Local Chairman Chris Pierce, Recording Secretary Jameson McKnight and President Michael Bleser taking care of business during a lodge meeting
Photo courtesy of Michael Bleser