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James Ramey Appointed Interim
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Kevin Hite presents award to former Local Chairman
Read the Story


Former Lodge 6760 Local Chairman Steve Wilhelm Appointed to Director Constitution & Laws at TCU Headquarters... Details


Lodge 6047 Local Chairman Carl Lakin Promoted to Assistant National Representative...
Read the Story

Revised Procedures for Norfolk Southern Employees Returning to Work. Details in the Members' Library


Steve Wilhelm elected Chairman of IAM Veterans Services Steering Committee

James Ramey Appointed
Interim Local Chairman

Local Chairman Christopher Pierce resigns from office. Read more

Our Brotherhood Railway Carmen Division of TCU was founded at Cedar Rapids, Iowa on October 27, 1888. The first By-Laws were adopted at Joint Convention in Topeka, Kansas, September 1890. Our union has merged with other railway unions five times, on. In July 1987, Convention action re-named the union Transportation Communications International Union (TCU) effective October 1, 1987. The Brotherhood Railway Carmen is a division of the TCU. The most recent merger was January 1, 2012, TCU Merged with International Association of Machinist and is the Railroad Division of that union. Review the Brotherhood Railway Carmen first 50-year history.

The Union we call TCU/IAM today took root back in 1899 when, on a cold winter's evening shortly after Christmas, 33 railroad clerks gathered in the back room of Behrens' cigar shop in Sedalia, Missouri. That night, December 29, they formed Local Lodge Number 1 of a union they named the Order of Railroad Clerks of America. Today our range is extensive and complex, on and off the railroads throughout the transportation industry. But the union still runs on those same simple principles of democracy and full membership participation.

Welcome Message

TCU National Headquarters:

located outside of Washington, D.C. at:
3 Research Place
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Telephone 301-948-4910 
Fax 301-948-1369

Union dues payments and inquiries should be sent to Mr. Jameson McKnight, Financial Secretary-Treasurer.

Heartland Lodge's mailing address is:
TCU/IAM Lodge 6760
235 Cliff Street
Ironton, Ohio 45638

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National Railroad Investment Trusts Quarterly Reports
Annual RRB Investment Trust Report
North American Railroads  
2020 Railroad Retirement Tax Rates

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic lodge meetings are currently being held via
video conference the next meeting will be November 16, 2020

Korey Jones is elected as the 18th President of Lodge 6760


Past President Phil Amadon honored for his dedication to the Lodge



TCU Assistant National Representative Steve Wilhelm is honored for his service to TCU



In Memory

 of our Sisters, Brothers and family members who recently reached eternal paradise

Richard Webb, II
Richard Leon La Vigne
Susan Jane Adams
Donald D. Brennan
Pauline M. Clark
C. John Pequignot
Lowell D. Wheeler
Marion E. Wilhelm
Bradley Alan Baker
Irvin A. Friedman
Blake Bowman

Robert E. Pless, Sr.
Roger Bowling
Paul K. Jackson
Paul A. Gunkel, Jr.
Joey Dean Thomas
Ella May Jones
Joe Carroll
Steve Brownfield
Richard J. Keeley
Phillip C. Roe
David A. Reed
David P. Fancher
Jacob M. Dillow
Rennald J. Worman








Brother Chris Pierce for your years of dedication as Local Chairman and President of Lodge 6760. Under your direction our members have earned respect in the work place and have been represented with care, compassion and the highest form of quality of this brotherhood 2014 - 2020.


2021 Railroad Retirement COLA for retired members will increase 1.3% on Tier I and .04% on Tier II

Lodge 6760 is a now a stand alone lodge, not affiliated with any Joint Protective Board. Lodge 6760 was originally formed as Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America Lodge 67 in Fort Wayne, Indiana in December 1892. The lodge became inactive during the period of company run unions. In January 1936 the lodge received a new charter as Fort Wayne Lodge 760 under the leadership of Henry R. Martin. The lodge number and name were changed again in 1986 as a result of the formation of TCU under the terms of the BRC-BRAC merger. In 2012 the Lodge name was changed again to Heartland Lodge to more accurately reflect the four-state jurisdiction of the lodge. Today, Lodge 6760 represents over 500 members, employed on three railroads in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Regular meetings are held monthly, excluding July, at one of the various cities of the lodge. The regular Lodge meeting rotation order is: Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Danville, Louisville, Linton, Huntingburg, Fort Wayne.

November Lodge Meeting

The next lodge 6760 meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 16, 2020, at 5:00 PM., EST. This will be a Video Conference meeting using Zoom. All members who have attended a lodge Zoom meeting in the past will receive an invitation via email. First-time members should contact the Lodge President for an attendance passcode.

Fraternally yours,

Korey Jones
Lodge 6760


Retirements at Detroit
October 2016

Three members with over 121 collective years of service

Ricky Rowland, 41 years
Robert Hecmanczuk, 41 years
Mathew Weldy, 39 years

2014 Grand Lodge Convention Review

2011 Unit 200 Educational Seminar at Chattanooga. . . Details

2009 Lodge Educational Seminar at Fort Wayne. . . Details

2008 Lodge Educational Seminar at Portsmouth. . .

The 2020 Machinists Non-Partisan Political League (MNPL) Campaign has begun

Read Steve Wilhelm's fund raising letter then join MNPL today.  

Members can join MNPL by printing the online form or by contacting the Local Chairman for more information.

The objects of this organization are to carry out the purposes and motives of our International Grand Lodge, and to further the interests of organized labor.


BRC Division founded in 1888

Lodge 6760 Officers

Keep informed, attend your next union meeting

Past President Phil Amadon hosts
Boiling Point on
WAIF 88.3 FM       Talk Radio

Thursdays 3 PM  - 4 PM

Lodge 6760 is proud to be represented by strong union officers. On behalf of the lodge we extend our appreciation to these elected officers for their hard work and dedication to the union movement.

Korey Jones, President
Monty Messer, Vice President
Jameson McKnight, Financial Secretary/Treasurer & Recording Secretary
James Ramey, Local Chairman
Matt Sosby, Chairman Board of Trustees
Josh Pistole, Board of Trustees Member
Timothy Martin, Board of Trustees Member
Jameson McKnight, Alternate Delegate

Lodge 6760 Detroit
District News

by Michael Bleser

Lodge 6760 Portsmouth
District News
updated 1/5/20


Lodge 6760 Fort Wayne
District News

Lodge 6760 Cincinnati
District News

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Planning to retire soon?
Read our step-by-step Guide To Retirement
in the Online Library

Voluntary Permanent Transfer Agreement for NS Carmen... Details in our Online Library

The members of Lodge 6760 give thanks to our officers, for their dedication in preserving equality and respect in the workplace


Off Work? It's important
to know how long your health care benefits will last. . . Details


Support our troops,
pray for their safety


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TCU is Family:
Disaster Relief Fund Helps two Lodge 6760 Members...
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Historical Documents

Thank you Brother Kevin Hite for your years of dedicated service as an officer of Lodge 6760. You have served your union sisters and brothers proud, 2009 - 2018.
History of the first 75 years of the Railroad Retirement Board

Brotherhood Railway Carmen History - First 50 Years

The IAM recognizes this is a stressful time for many IAM Veterans due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The IAM Employee Assistance and Addiction Services Program stands ready to assist Veterans and their families during this tough period.

IAM is asking all veterans to fill out the online contact information form, so that the IAM can be there when you need them most!


Friendship, Unity & True Brotherly Love!

God Bless America!

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