Photos of Union and Railroad Memorabilia
Heartland Lodge 6760
August 5, 2014
One area of interest among many people is railroad and railroad union memorabilia. Over my rail career I have seen many intriguing railroad artifacts, both on the job and in private collections. Today, I ask myself, why didn't I take more pictures? 

We have received several inquires over the years regarding memorabilia, and we have even received gifts from estates including union memorabilia. It is difficult to share this type of material with our members since the lodge covers a 4-state area. With the help of the Internet, we decided to use this space as a means for our readers to view the small collection of items that we have. Additionally, we believe that many of you may have a nice collection of railroad and/or railroad union related memorabilia of your own. If so, we welcome you to share your treasurers simply by submitting photos of your items so they can be placed on this page. Each photo received and approved for posting on this page will list the provider's name and a little bit of information about the photo. 

When submitting photos, please include your name, email address, phone number, your railroad and/or union affiliation, and a brief description of the item in your photo. All submission should be sent to our Webmaster at: We look forward to hearing from you. We don't have much on the page presently, however, with your help, we hope to add some interesting items. 
Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America Covington Lodge 574 Record Book, used from November 1945 through February 1967. Donated to Lodge 6760 by the Joseph H. Tierney Library
Photo courtesy of the Robert & Lynda Maier Library, Poughkeepsie, NY

The photo above is a copy of the Official Photo of the 1921 Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America Grand Lodge Convention, taken by Alexandra Studios, Toronto, Canada.  The official photo is framed, under glass and measurers 56" X 12",  In the small black rectangular box in the lower left corner of the photo is the text "Official Photo By Alexandra Studios, Toronto, Canada No. 1264." In the small black box in the lower right corner of the photo is the text "14th Annual Convention, Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America, Toronto, Canada, August 1921.". While this was the 14th Grand Lodge Convention, the term Annual is not exactly accurate. At the 3rd convention in 1892, the delegates changed the convention schedule to be held every two years. In 1921 there were 1,465 lodges with over 200,000 members. The photo includes Grand Lodge officers, delegates and some of their spouses.
A close-up to the left of the photo above, shows Grand Lodge President Martin F. Ryan seated next to his wife in the Official Photo. President Ryan is located in the center of the large photo, front row, behind the stone pillar. 
Photo courtesy of the Robert & Lynda Maier Library, Poughkeepsie, NY
14th Grand Lodge Convention, Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America, Toronto, Canada, August 1921
When it comes to Carmen memorabilia, the painting above is likely the most famous piece ever. This, near life-size mural greeted visitors at the front door of the Carmen Grand Lodge Headquarters at 4929 Main Street in Kansas City from 1949 until 1987. It was painted by the famous Kansas City artist, J. W. Orth. The painting depicts two carmen in their work clothes, carrying their tools and holding the emblem of the union on their shoulders. On the outer ring of the emblem is the inscription "Friendship, Unity and True Brotherly Love."  Photo courtesy of Sandy Maxim, TCU Headquarters
A two-sided banner that hung during lodge meetings and special events by former Wayne Lodge 768. The black side faced the members during a period of mourning. The red, white & blue side faced the members at other times. Lodge 768 merged into Lodge 760, now 6760 about 1965. Photos courtesy of the Richard L. Coffman Collection
A BRC delegate badge worn at the 1983 Carmen Convention in Kansas City, MO
A TCU delegate badge worn during the 1991 TCU/BRC Convention in San Francisco
This pin was given to officers in 1990 in honor of the BRC Division of TCU 102nd anniversary
25 Years TCU Membership Pin
35 Years TCU Membership Pin
A diamond studded TCU 100th anniversary pin from 1999
A handy utility knife given to delegates at 1999 TCU Convention in Las Vegas
The American Flag and the Tennessee Flag pin given to the delegates of the 1997 Finley Lines Joint Protective Convention in Gatlinburg, TN
A Brotherhood Railway Carmen pin given to delegates at the 1983 Grand Lodge Convention in Kansas City, MO
The Spirit of 9-11 pin given to delegates at the 2004 Grand Lodge Convention in Las Vegas, NV
The Hamilton pocket watch used by William Francis Smith, Engineer, on the Atlantic Coast Lines, circa 1900. 
A diamond studded, 41-year service TCU retirement watch presented in 2009 to a member of Lodge 6760 
A Brotherhood Railway Carmen watch presented to a 9-term local chairman in 2004
TCU Union Yes pin given to officers in the late 1990s
The business card of C. F. Elerding, a union representative of The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, at Argos, Indiana. The BRT was founded in 1883 in Oneonta, N.Y. as a protective and insurance organization. By the time of its merger with three other railroad labor unions to form the United Transportation Union in 1969, it had the greatest membership of any of the operating railroad brotherhoods. C. F. Elerding represented union members working on the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, which was commonly referred to as The Nickel Plate Road, or NKP.
Photo courtesy of the Richard L. Coffman Collection
Railroad Memorabilia from Norfolk Southern
10 Year Service Pin
20 Year Service Pin
30 Year Service Pin
40 Year Service Pin
Years of Service pins presented to NS employees
In 1989 Norfolk Southern began a run of winning over 20 consecutive Harriman Awards for safety achievement in the rail industry. Prior to that streak, no railroad had ever won the award more than 3 consecutive times. In 1993, NS employees were presented with a 5-year commemorative medal. Below are two photos of the two-sided award
The Safety Anvil presented by the Pittsburgh Division at the 2003 NS Safety Awards in Norfolk
The Safety Spike presented by the Lake Division at the 2003 NS Safety Awards in Norfolk
2003 was the year of the Safety Ranger, above are Quarterly Safety Ranger Awards
In 1998 NS presented its employees with A Decade of Gold jewelry box, celebrating winning the Harriman Award for the 10th consecutive year
Back in the day before someone cut their finger peeling an apple with a knife, NS presented knives as safety awards. After the hand injury, NS employees were not permitted to carry pointed knives while on duty. The knife above has the NS logo etched in the handle along with the inscription " Stay Sharp Avoid Winter Accidents" This knife was presented to employees in the early 2000s.
Safety awards that keep on ticking. Desk clocks and the wrist watches were presented to Lake Division mechanical employee for working injury-free in 2002 and 2006, respectively
To the right, an elegant pocket watch presented as a retirement gift to a Lake Division employee in 2009 for 41 years service
TCU at 100, at the June 1999 Convention, International President Robert Scardelletti presented the plaque above to all of the delegates to commemorate TCU's Centennial 
To the right: This key fob was presented by the Harrisburg Division during the 2004 NS Safety Awards in Norfolk
NS presented its employees with a crystal cube to commemorate winning the Harriman award for the 8th consecutive year
Many Hats of NS
Over the years Norfolk Southern presented its employees with hats to commemorate achievements. The hat to the left was a favorite of many Lake Division employees. It was presented in 2008 during a safety caravan promotion
After winning 6 consecutive Harriman Awards, NS presented its employees with the hat to the left. On the back are the six winning years '89 through '94, with the slogan "We're Pulling for 7." Presented in 1995
NS Harriman Award hat for winning 7 gold medals, presented in 1996
Right: It's "On Line for Nine." The NS Harriman Award hat presented in 1997 for winning 8 consecutive gold medals
The only red NS Harriman Award hat in the collection was presented in 1998 after winning the award for the 9th consecutive year
Above, the hat for winning the Harriman Award 10 consecutive years. On the back is "Ten Years of Excellence '89 through'98"
We are not sure if a hat was presented for the 11th year, if so, we lost it. After the NS/Conrail merger, the new NS continued its domination in safety by winning 12 straight Harriman Awards. The hat to the left was presented in 2001
The hat on the left was presented in 2003 for winning 14 consecutive Harriman Awards. The year of the Safety Ranger promotion
The hat above was presented in 2005 after NS won its 16th consecutive Harriman Award
On the right, the 2008 Harriman Award hat was likely the most plain hats of them all, gray, a black logo, an American Flag on the left side and the slogan on the back "Harriman Award Winner." Underneath, are the words "First in Safety 18 Years"
The 2009 Harriman Award hat was similar to the previous year's. The only differences are the color, the thoroughbred horse on the right side and underneath, the number of consecutive years NS has won the award, now up to 19
2006 was the only year a Harriman Award hat sported camouflage, the 17th consecutive Award
In 2002, NS won the Harriman Award for the 13 consecutive year. It was the only year for an all-green hat
Our source for hats retired in 2009, so if you have a Harriman hat that we missed, send us a photo of it so we can add it to the collection.
NS Lake Division Lantern
NS 8959, one of only 3 wide-body models presented to three employee-speakers at the March 12, 2003 NS Safety Awards in Norfolk, Virginia
The Thoroughbred Safety Award presented by NS in 2003
Signs from long ago
These New York Central, N&W and Nickel Plate logos were used until the early 1960s.
Photos courtesy of the Richard L. Coffman Collection
The Norfolk & Western logo used from 1963 to 1983
A Canadian Division TCU pin owned by the late George Keith McParland, an Engineer with the Canadian National Railway who began his career at age 16 in North Bay Ontario, Canada with the old Ontario Northland Railway.
Courtesy of the Ryan McParland Collection
A delegate badge from the September 1954 BRC Grand Lodge Convention. 
Courtesy of the Greg Yeats Collection